Hitachi Series Oil-Free and Oil-Less Air Compressors

The Delta Advantage – Hitachi Series Oil-Free and Oil-Less Air Compressors

Delta Industries Inc. is a proud distributor and service provider of the top manufacturers in the compressed air industry, Hitachi.

We invite you to explore this page to see how you could start benefiting from over 100 years of Hitachi oil-free and oil-less air compressor innovation.

DSP Series: 30-300 HP

Hitachi DSP Series rotary screw compressors are the premium, oil-free air solution for your application. Therefore, with Hitachi, reliability comes standard making downtime a distant memory. Additionally, Hitachi understands that air quality isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity, that’s why Hitachi DSP compressors are ISO Class Zero certified.

  • Stainless steel 1st and 2nd stage rotors
  • Patented HX-18 coating
  • High efficiency design improves capacity
  • Constant Pressure Control
  • Hitachi original control PID logic (55–240kW)
  • High efficiency DCBL drive (37/55/75kW)

Hitachi’s patented oil mist remover (OMR) eliminates oil deposits on the compressor and surrounding production area, consequently leading to a cleaner production environment.

True oil-free air rated at ISO Class 0 (zero).

SDS Series: 335-900 HP

The Hitachi SDS Oil-Free Screw Compressor embodies the culmination of over a century of compressed air innovation.

Through the reduction of press pulsations, the discharge silencer reduces noise levels.

Robust construction aids in the reduction of noise leakage caused by vibration and air turbulence (inlet and vent).

Reliability is increased thanks to a totally enclosed fan-type motor (TEFC).

The intake valve is driven by a simple hydraulic piston allowing for a reduced pressure setting range during load. Accordingly, improving the compressor’s efficiency.

SRL Series:

Hitachi SRL Series compressors feature the best in scroll technology. As a result, these technological innovations produce a scroll compressor that is small, reliable, efficient, and quiet.

Standard design features makes SRL compressors some of the quietest on the market thanks to:

  • Full Enclosure
  • Mechanical and Electrical Vibration Isolation
  • Leak Path minimization

A small footprint and easy panel accessibility fit in areas that other compressors cannot.

Special Alumite surface treatment that extends scroll life and reduces life cycle cost. Also included, two stage cooling, which stabilizes discharge temperature.

The combination of a patented scroll wrap design and proprietary tip seal decreases leaking, thus increasing performance and efficiency. In other words, improving overall performance.

Hitachi oil-free scroll technology is 100% oil-free, meaning zero oil. As such, this results in a compressor that emits no harmful emissions into the environment. Additionally, conserves natural resources and produces high quality air for your pure-air applications.

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Build the foundation of your compressed air system with Hitachi oil-free air compressors. You’ll be glad you did.

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