Kaeser Rotary Lobe Industrial Blowers

Delta Industries Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Kaeser Industrial Blowers throughout Illinois and Iowa. Considered as top-of-the-line air compressor blowers in the industry, Kaeser’s name is becoming a customer’s go-to.

Kaeser’s positive displacement blowers have a strong reputation for efficiency and reliability and offer flows to 5650 cfm, pressures to 15 psig and vacuum down to 15″ Hg in the Omega blowers. Consequently, quality, durability, and efficiency are all characteristics of the Kaeser rotary blower designs.

Bare Blowers:

True meaning of accuracy. Highly precise CNC machines move the rotor profiles and gears to a tolerance of 1/1000 mm. As a result, the gaps between the tips of the rotor and the casting guarantee reduced slip and highest efficiency.

Omega SeriesUp to 5650Up to 15 psigUp to 15" Hg
  • Piston-ring sealing
  • Heavy-duty bearings
  • Precision gears
  • Sealing-strips
  • Solid block casting
  • Reliable splash lubrication

Com-paK Complete Packages:

Com-paK units minimize space requirements and reduce installation costs. Additionally, power availability ranges from 3 to 250 HP, as well as flow capability up to 3200 cfm. Furthermore, all routine maintenance points are accessible from the front and all utility points can be accessed from the back. All in all, highly efficient and designed for maximum noise reductions, this system can be the perfect solution for your needs.

SeriesHorsepower Range (HP)Flow Range (CFM)Integrated Controls
HBC75-2501429-3296Not Available
  • Omega Tri-lobe Blower
  • Quiet operation
  • Low pulsations
  • Low operating costs
  • Simple maintenance
  • Automatic belt tensioning
  • Easy fluid checks
  • Effective cooling
  • Outdoor installation

Heavy Duty Blower Packages – HB Series:

Do you need a blower with a little extra power? In that case, Kaeser’s HB series blowers are available from 75 to 335 HP. Additionally, these industrial blowers feature the same benefits of efficiency and noise reduction as the Com-paK packages.

Model CFMPressureVacuum
HB 1300Pi2176 - 4493 Up to 15 psigUp to 15" Hg
HB 1600Pi2922 - 5258Up to 15 psigUp to 15" Hg
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Premium efficiency motors
  • Automatic belt tensioning
  • Effective cooling
  • Cooling air flow

Kaeser Rotary Screw Industrial Blowers

Named one of the winners of the 2014 Breakthrough Products of the Year, by Processing Magazine, Kaeser’s fully integrated turnkey screw blower package is outfitted with a sound proof steel enclosure, intel filters, and a high efficiency motor. Additionally, Sigma Control 2 ™ monitors all sensors and internal communications system.

Available versions include SFC (Variable Frequency Drive) and STC (wye-delta start).

Rotary Screw Blowers:

Kaeser’s screw blowers can use up to 35% less energy than your average rotary blowers. As a result, energy savings can be seen right away. This is achieved by combining a blower airend with high efficiency Sigma profile rotors, powerful transmission, flow-optimized components, and drive components that ensure exceptional performance.

ModelCapacity (CFM)Power (HP)Pressure (psig)
DBS636 - 81230 - 50Up to 15
EBS1271 - 134260 - 100Up to 15
FBS2295 - 2366100 - 150Up to 15
  • Sigma profile blower airends
  • Comprehensive sensors
  • Available versions include SFC (Variable Frequency Drive)
  • STC (wye-delta start)

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