Magnetic Air Filters

Delta Industries Inc. offers magnetic air compressor filters that are custom designed and manufactured to fit your compressors needs. The filters are constructed using washable three-dimensional electrostatic polypropylene media and encased in a 1/8″- 3/8″ rigid galvanized steel frame.

Average Arrestance Efficiency 42%72%
Dust Holding Capacity67 gm.100 gm.
Initial Air Flow Resistance0.02″ w.g.0.05″ w.g.

Magnetic air filters provide necessary protection for your compressed air equipment by filtering the intake air. If the intake air isn’t clean, it can potentially cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on the equipment. Magnetic air filters make replacement and cleaning much easier, and are completely customizable for your exact needs.

  • Magnetic filters can be affixed to any unit using the magnetic stripping and can be removed by pulling the cloth tab for easy cleaning and access
  • Custom designed to fit any equipment and size
  • Magnetic filters are available in stainless steel, aluminum or painted black metal frame
  • U/L Classified as to Flammability Only
  • Magnetic filters come with a standard UV protected black media
  • A natural white media is also available upon request
  • 5-year magnetic warranty comes standard on Model R filters
  • Attachments come with a 2-year warranty