Kaeser Air Compressors

Kaeser Compressors has been providing products, services, and complete systems for supplying production and work processes with quality compressed air since 1982 in the USA. The system solutions comprise compressed air generation and treatment and are designed for optimal overall efficiency.

Illinois and Iowa Distributor of Kaeser industrial Air Compressors

Delta Industries has been proudly distributing Kaeser industrial air compressors since 1987, making us the experts in the industrial air systems throughout Illinois and Iowa including the Chicago area, Peoria, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and surrounding cities. Kaeser has been carving out a reputation for superior product quality and reliability, a leading innovator in compressed air system technology. For over 90 years, Kaeser has been known for its precision manufacturing, attention to detail, and durability.

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Stand Alone Air Compressors

Sigma ™ Profile Airend -Screw Air Compressors

As an Illinois and Iowa air compressor equipment provider, we are proud to be one of the leading distributors of Kaeser equipment. Kaeser screw air compressors are engineered to perform exceptionally well under high-demand applications. The Kaeser air compressor technology is designed to deliver exceptional compressed airflow with minimal energy requirements.

We are fully stocked with residential, industrial, and commercial air compressors to meet your requirements and application. Contact us today and let us provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Rotary Screw Air Compressors – Integrated Systems

Kaeser’s rotary screw air compressors are also available in a variety of different configurations. These packaged systems can be customized to suit your specific compressed air and clean air treatment needs.

Sigma Frequency Control

Kaeser’s Sigma Frequency Control (SFC) combines Siemens AG drive technology with their Sigma Profile airend and Sigma Control system. Their engineers have optimized airend design to accommodate a wide flow range with unmatched efficiency. Kaeser’s SFC units range from 8 to 515 kW and are incredibly quiet, with noise levels as low as 67 dB(A). SFC models up to 132 kW are also available with integrated dryers.

Sales of Kaeser Industrial & Commercial Air Compressors

Kaeser air compressors are not only highly trusted, but they are also renowned around the world. For many years they have been trusted to deliver the promised quality of service. Delta Industries is a pleased authorized dealer, and we offer many makes and models. Depending on your specific businesses needs, we have portable to larger models that will suit your needs.

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Our air compressors, pistons, and rotary screws are made of high-quality materials and engineered to last. Our air compressors can both be stand-alone or integrated units. Once the sale or rental has been completed, our Illinois or Iowa team works on training to make sure that once Delta leaves the room, your employees can control their compressed air system without a hitch. 

Service of Kaeser Air compressors

Our service/maintenance expert team offers year-round service and maintenance to avoid downtime at your facility. Maintaining and servicing your equipment helps maximize the lifetime usage of the compressor. Safety-related systems are checked and, if necessary, adjusted or replaced following consultation with the customer. Since Delta Industries also carries the parts, we can repair most equipment on the spot to avoid delays. We also service and maintain air treatment products including dryers and filters, compressed air piping, portable air compressors, blowers, and vacuums.

Parts and Service of Kaeser Air Compressors in Chicago, Des Moines, Peoria, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa

We offer 24/7 emergency service for our customers in Chicago, Peoria, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and the Quad Cities area. We have thousands of parts in stock for a wide array of air compressor models and brands.

Air compressed system services

  • Preventive Maintenance with scheduled year-round service agreements
  • Emergency Service and Repair
  • Cost Control and Efficiency Survey
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Rotary Airlock Rebuild
  • Complete Rebuilds
  • Turnkey Design and Installation
  • Systems Training