Compressed Air Treatment

Delta Industries offers a wide array of air treatment services and products to keep your air compressing systems running smoothly and improve your operations without any interruptions. With more than 30 years of experience in the air compressed industry, we offer different treatment options and parts for all types of air compressors.

Industrial Air Compressed Service Parts in illinois and Iowa

Delta Industries is a proud distributor of Kaeser products, one of the leading brands of air compressing systems. Our service centers across Illinois and Iowa are fully stocked with products and parts including air filters, air piping, air dryers, and magnetic air compressor filters to help you maximize the life expectancy of your air-compressed system.

Compressed Air Filters

Once you have an air compressor, it is crucial to extend their life by ensuring it gets appropriately maintained. Once promptly installed, one of the ways to make sure it remains running smoothly would be to get a filter system for the air compressor.

The difference between using a filter for your air compressor and not using one is significant. Using a filter makes sure that it stays clean from foreign particles that can clog the valves. There are several types of filter grade options to choose from, for instance, a coalescing filter that works for both wet or dry applications and helps remove water and oil residue along with particulates.

Other types of filters range from dust or oil vapor filters, ranging from 20-21,250 scfm made for different pressure gauges.

Consider replacing the air filters on your industrial air compressor every 2000 hours of use; at a minimum, contact us at Delta Industries for both the air filters recommendations and the installation and replacement of air filter parts. We are a full distributor of Kaeser products and have thousands of parts in stock at our Chicago, Peoria, Des Moines, and Cedar Rapids Iowa company locations.

Air Filter Grade Options

Filter OptionTypeApplication
KCCyclone Liquid SeparatorUsed for large volume liquid separation.
KBCoalescing FilterWet or dry applications. Removes water and oil aerosols and particulates.
KEHigh-Efficiency Coalescing FilterWet applications with larger liquid loads removing water and oil aerosols and particulates.
KDDust FilterDry applications. Effective as an after-filter for heatless desiccant dryers.
KAOil Vapor FilterDry applications. Absorbs oil vapor.

Magnetic Air Compressor Filters

Delta Industries Inc. offers magnetic air compressor filters that are custom designed and manufactured to fit any sized equipment air intake. The filters are constructed using washable three-dimensional electrostatic polypropylene media and encased in a 1/8″- 3/8″ rigid galvanized steel frame.

Avg. Arrestance Efficiency42%72%
Dust Holding Capacity67 gm.100 gm.
Initial Air Flow Resistance0.02″ w.g.0.05″ w.g.
Magnetic air compressor – Model R – Front
Magnetic air compressor- Model R – Back
  • Magnetic filters can be affixed to any unit using the patented magnetic stripping and removed by pulling the cloth tab for easy access and cleanability
  • Custom designed to fit any equipment and size
  • Magnetic filters are available in stainless steel, aluminum or painted black metal frame
  • U/L Classified as to Flammability Only
  • Magnetic filters come with a standard UV protected black media
  • A natural white media is also available upon request
  • 5-year magnetic warranty comes standard on Model R filters
  • Attachments come with a 2-year warranty

Compressed Air Piping

The sole purpose of the air compressor’s air pipes is to deliver an adequate amount of air to the compressor system. The piping selection impacts three significant elements of every compressed air system: air quality, flow, and pressure. Its purpose is to transport air correctly without any leakage to use it in your machines, air tools, etc.

Delta Industries exclusively offers Kaeser’s Smartpipe lightweight technology option that offers outstanding benefits such as elimination of risks of air filter contamination and reduction of flow restriction. The piping is made of aluminum which will not rust, along with no need to blaze or weld to assemble and disassemble.

Let us maximize your airflow potential with one comprehensive system audit and reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Kaeser’s SmartPipe ™

Kaeser’s SmartPipe ™ technology offers all the necessary benefits needed to eliminate the risks air quality contamination and reduced flow restriction.

  • Smooth aluminum constructed for minimal friction to provide the best possible streamline flow.
  • Bore fittings optimize airflow and energy efficiency while minimizing the possibility of pressure drops.
  • Wasted energy and air loss are prevented by leak-free connectors.
  • Aluminum will not rust or corrode.
  • Installation is faster than usual piping.
  • No threading, brazing or welding needed.
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, add or remove as needed.
Kaeser Smart Piping

Compressed Air Dryers

Another air treatment that we use is a compressed air dryer, a piece of equipment designed to separate water vapor or moisture (de-humidify) from industrial process air.

In the typical system, a compressor draws in humid air and compresses it, which raises the air temperature and then cools the air, condensing water vapor out of the unit. The way compressed air dryers work provides the end-user with moisture-free air, allowing for improved productivity, performance while at the same time reducing maintenance costs.

When water vapor is released from the compressed air system, it becomes liquid, increasing maintenance requirements and affecting the product.

Kaeser air compressor dryers are designed to meet your exact needs and reduce the risk of unnecessary maintenance work and are energy saving.

Delta Industries offers compressed air dryers, whether refrigerated, desiccant, or heatless drying systems, ensuring high-efficiency and low maintenance requirements and bringing ambient air to legal standards.

We are distributors in Chicago and Des Moines of refrigerated, desiccant, hybritec, and membrane dryers.

Contact us today and let us help you with all your air compressor parts and products and improve your air systems.