Powerex Air Compressors

Delta Industries is committed to providing the highest quality product and services s in the air-compressed industry. We offer sales and service of Powerex oil-free and oil-less air compressors for our clients in Illinois and Iowa.

Since 1988, Powerex has been manufacturing vacuums and air systems in the US. They are one of the leading companies in pure air technology, and their products provide one of the best values in the industry. Here at Delta, we understand the importance of having reliable and long-lasting equipment that can keep up with your business demands.

We offer 24/7 emergency service and we have a full staff of specialists and engineers ready to help you with all your air compressor needs in Chicago, Des Moines, Peoria, Cedar Rapids, and surrounding cities in Illinois and Iowa.

Powerex Air Compressors

High Quality Industrial Air Compressors in Illinois and Iowa

Why More And More Companies Choose Powerex


Powerex was the first company to package NFPA-99 compliant scroll systems. Due to their success, they have expanded into manufacturing multiple NFPA-99 compliant product lines – Vacuum, Air, & Instrument Air.

Powerex was the first company to utilize composite piston technology, which is standard on all Powerex reciprocating compressors. They also introduced the first dry scroll to the US oil-less compressor market in 1989 and continue to be market leaders in this area.


A highly integrated operation, which includes system assembly with self-manufactured significant components, all done internally. From compressors to desiccant dryers, monitors to air receivers, Powerex controls quality at every design and manufacturing stage.


Due to their vertical integration and full in-house engineering staff, Powerex can customize both electrical control panels and the mechanical portion of the system to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

Thanks to their continuous process improvement policy and constant communication between sales, customer service, engineering, and production teams, Powerex is constantly figuring out new ways to improve existing product lines and add new products to their standard offerings.

Oil-Free and Oil-Less Air Compressor Sales and Service

Industrial Open Oil-Less Scroll

This air compressor system comes in Simplex, and Duplex models, which include an essential aftercooler design, perfect for any application that requires clean, dry air.

All models are exhaust and intake valve-free. They were designed with low noise levels, low maintenance costs, compact, and point-of-use installation.

Enclosed Scroll

Original scroll technology is completely oil-less, exceptionally quiet, economic, and easy to maintain. The compressors are designed with a small footprint in mind, as such able to fit any available space. Lastly, the enclosed cabinet works to decrease noise levels effectively.

Models available for Industrial, Laboratory, and Medical environments.

Enclosed Oil-Free Rotary Tooth

This compressor system provides dependable, compressed oil-free air. As a result, it is perfect for industrial applications that require the highest level of air purity. Such industries include food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical, textile, and electronic manufacturing. Additionally, this 2 stage compressor is designed with premium parts and is air-cooled. Lastly, a VFD controller is available for energy cost savings.

Open Scroll

Original scroll technology is completely oil-less, exceptionally quiet, economic, and easy to maintain. The compressors are designed to allow easy access for quick maintenance.

Models available for Industrial, Laboratory, and Medical environments.

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