Audits and Engineering / Cost Control and Efficiency Survey Services

Compressed air consistently ranks the fourth most costly manufacturing facility utility. Undetected air leaks, poorly designed layouts, faulty equipment, or parts can significantly increase your monthly power costs.

We can help you analyze and evaluate your compressed air needs and recommend options so that your facility can operate at peak performance. We offer air compressor audits and engineering services in Chicago, Bartonville, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to make sure our customers are not overpaying for their services and misusing their systems. Our Audits and System Surveys offer customers an insight into cost-saving improvements and overall air system health. Delta Industries engineering staff can help evaluate and optimize your existing air system by modifying or designing a new strategy to suit your needs.

We are a complete compressed air systems company offering air compressors, services, maintenance, rentals, and used equipment sales.

Air System Audits and Efficiency Surveys

Whether you are experiencing periods of insufficient air supply, looking to replace or upgrade your system, looking for a second opinion, or just wondering about your compressed air system, Delta Industries is here to help.

  • Product life extension
  • Reducing downtime
  • Optimizing performance
  • Identifying possible problems
  • Acquiring data to help detect present or future mechanical issues
  • Remote monitoring systems

Even with a well-trained in-house facility engineer, you need to find the answers to possible problems promptly. Pinpointing insufficient flow, valuable data collection, or looking to replace or upgrade your air compression system, or simply a second opinion – Delta Industries is sure to give you detailed audit.

Air Leak Detection

An air system leak detection service audit will provide helpful information to help you minimize costs, improve performance and reduce possible mechanical issues due to overuse.

Schedule a visit from one of our Delta Industries Inc. specialists for an audit and systems survey.